A healthy sleep environment with washable textiles

"We heavily prioritise a healthy sleeping environment, and have put washable textiles on the entire bed – not just the top mattress. With separable zippers, each individual part easily fits in an ordinary laundry machine," says Arne Ove Grøvdal, product designer at Wonderland.

CertiPUR tests foam materials and sets stringent demands on the components. CertiPUR certified foam ensures that the material doesn't contain any harmful substances.

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CertiPUR (europur.org)

Easy to replace and recycle

Sverre Bersås is the Supply Chain Manager at Wonderland, and works to develop and facilitate production at Wonderland’s factory in Åndalsnes, Norway.

Replace parts

"That Wonderland’s beds are module-based is excellent considering that both the cover and mattresses can easily be changed when needed. With removable covers, you also get the option to wash the bed's textiles. This gives the bed a longer lifespan, ensuring you a good, healthy sleeping climate."

Better recycling

"A module-based product also gives better options for recycling. Our beds are easy to open and separate. This results in simple returns and good waste sorting," Sverre Bersås says.

New top mattresses on the way from Wonderland’s factory at Åndalsnes in Norway.