Wonderland washable textiles

A healthy sleep environment with washable textiles

“Washable textiles give the bed longer durability and a fresh and healthy sleep environment for years to come.”

“We heavily prioritise a healthy sleeping environment, and have put washable textiles on the entire bed – not just the top mattress. With separating zippers, each individual part easily fits in a standard size washing machine,” says Arne Ove Grøvdal, product designer at Wonderland.

Why washable at 60°C?

“Dust mites can be found in all homes, and thrive in beds in particular. To get rid of the dust mites, it is important that the textiles are washed at a minimum of 60°C. Washable textiles provide the entire bed with an extended lifespan, and you get a clean, healthy sleeping environment for years to come.”

How to wash
the textiles

  • Wash the bed and the top mattress textiles at 60°C. Do not dry clean.
  • Use a minimum amount of washing powder and delicate setting on the spin cycle.
  • Splittable zippers on the top mattress make the washing manageable in a normal machine.
  • Close the zipper for the main mattress cover before washing.
  • Drip dry. Do not tumble dry.
  • Any shrinkage that may occur after washing can be corrected by stretching the fabric when dry.
  • Covers must be completely dry before placing them back on the mattress.