How to choose
the right bed

When your bed has the right materials, and can be specially adjusted for you, your body can rest longer in deep sleep. This will give you better relaxation and sleep quality.

4 steps
to the perfect bed

To get the best relaxation and sleep quality, it is important that the bed
suits your sleeping position. Your muscles will relax better, you can sleep
longer in the important deep sleep and you can
wake up feeling more well-rested.



1: Do you have a favorite position when falling asleep?
Try the bed in the same position.

2: The better comfort level you choose, the more resilience, 
support and pressure relief the bed can provide.

3: Check that your spine is as straight as possible 
to get the best recovery and sleep quality.

4: Try different pillows to get the right
support for your neck. 


Do you sleep on your side?

If you prefer to sleep on your side, it is important that your spine is as straight as possible. The shoulder zone of the bed has to be softer to help the shoulder getting down into the mattress. The hip zone needs to be firmer to avoid that your hips will sink too deep. When you choose a bed with Wonderland's adjustable hip zone, you will always be able to adjust the firmness of the bed.

Sleep problems or back pain?

If you often have back pains or sleep problems we recommend that you choose one of our beds with Exclusive Pocket and a Pulse Latex top mattress. This will provide the best foundation for good sleep and relaxation.