How to care for your bed

The materials used in your bed affect both comfort and durability. By following the simple product care advice below, you will extend the product lifetime and retain the product qualities for longer.


  • The cover on the mattress and top mattress should be washed at 60°C. Use a minimum amount of washing powder, delicate setting on the spin cycle and drip dry.
  • Splittable zippers make the washing manageable in a normal machine.
  • Machine wash recommended. Maximum 60°C - do not dry clean.
  • Any shrinkage that may occur after washing can be corrected by stretching the fabric when dry.
  • Covers must be completely dry before replacing them on the mattress.


  • Turning the mattress and the top mattress once or twice a year will retain the comfort qualities for longer.
  • You can flip it so the up side is down, but you can also flip it head to toe.
  • Continental/spring mattresses also have a reversible mattress core. Covers are retained by velcro and are removable.


  • Vacuum clean your mattress regularly.
  • Latex must not be exposed to direct sunlight. Always keep the cover on when hanging the top mattress out for airing.


Washable fabrics