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What by-products are the textile made from?

Wonderland RECYCLABLE is made from by-products from the petrochemical industry. In the production of raw materials for plastic and other synthetic materials, a by-product called propylene is also formed. A residual product in gas form, that previously was thought to have no further industrial use. 

The by-product is processed into a solid form and into a powder of polypropylene. The powder is compressed into small pellets and melted with low temperatures. Dyeing is added and the textile fibres are spun into a thread.


The use of waste materials reduces the need of using new natural resources. Upcycling and recycling are undergoing a rapid development, and Wonderland RECYCLABLE is an important step in our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

Environmentally certified

Our textiles are environmentally certified. This means that they have been tested for harmful substances and you can be sure to get a healthy sleeping environment.