Wonderland 532 and 733 Adjustable bed with Harlequin Headboard. Textile: River.
Wonderland 532 and 733 Adjustable bed with Harlequin Headboard. Textile: River.  
W14 733 Adjustable Bed

Wonderland W14 733 combines the best of comfort and technology.

With Wonderland W14 733, you can adjust the bed to the position you want, and raise or lower your feet, back and neck independently. With the memory function, you can store up to three favorite positions on the wireless remote control or via the bed app. Sensitive Pocket in the main mattress will give you a completely new and unique support. With four times as many pocket springs, you will get a sleep comfort that feels both steady and smooth. The larger number of springs, will into the smallest detail, provide the best pressure relief.
Choose a Split top mattress to get the perfect blend of luxurious functionality and sleeping comfort. Washable textiles on the main and top mattress.


Wonderland washable textiles

Washable textiles Provide a sleep environment that always can be clean and healthy.

Wonderland shoulder zone

Shoulder zone Less pressure against the shoulder and better relaxation for your back and neck.

Wonderland reversible mattress

Reversible mattress Extends the lifespan of the bed and gives the same quality, year after year.

  • Top Mattress Superior Split Pulse Latex
  • Main mattress Sensitive Pocket 11 coils
  • Frame mattress Zone Pocket
  • Filling Latex 2,5 cm
  • Frame Wooden frame
  • Firmness Medium, Firm
  • Height 71 cm (incl. legs/top mattress)
  • Size (cm) 90x200, 90x210, 105x210, 180x200, 180x210, 210x210

1: Main mattress

Sensitive Pocket with 11 coils and four times as many pocket springs, provides a new and unique support. 5 zones. Soft shoulder zone.

2: Filling

Latex 2,5 cm. A soft, durable and highly flexible latex provides a perfect sleeping climate and pressure relief.

3: Frame mattress

Zone Pocket provides an extra layer of pocket springs with a soft shoulder zone.

4: Frame

Wooden frame.

Top mattress

Superior Split Pulse Latex

With excellent ventilating and resilient properties, Pulse Latex will give you a perfect sleeping climate and comfort. The temperature regulating textile, 37°, will keep your body temperature at an optimal level. Height appr. 8 cm.

Wonderland 5 year guarantee

5 year guarantee against material or manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is not covered.



Raven 46

Navy 61

Air 81

Rain 82

Terra 83

Forest 84

River 86

Rock 87

Haze 88