Results Bed Selector

Based on your needs, your age and your sleeping position,
we recommend that you choose a bed with Comfort or Exclusive Pocket.
If you choose W8 or W10 Continental, you will get Exclusive Pocket that will
provide even better sleeping quality and relaxation.

W4 Continental bed

Comfort Pocket provides support and pressure relief
in the right places.

W8 Continental bed

Exclusive Pocket in the main mattress feels soft
and becomes firmer with more pressure.

W10 Continental bed

Exclusive Pocket in both the main and the bottom mattress,
provides an excellent sleeping comfort.


Tips for finding the right bed:

- Try out the bed in the same position that you prefer to sleep in and check that your spine is as straight as possible when lying on your side. When choosing a bed with our adjustable hip zone, you can always adjust the firmness of the bed to get the best sleeping position and relaxation.