A sanctuary for relaxation

"My bedroom is a sanctuary where I can find some calm. Here, I can relax after a long, active day."

Emelie Forsberg is a professional mountain runner and one of Wonderland's sleep ambassadors. She lives at a farm by one of the fjords in Romsdalen in Norway. Growing vegetables and flowers are among her biggest passions.

"In my bedroom I like to have large windows or doors to get lots of light and fresh air. I love my garden and the view we have over the fjord and the surrounding mountains. It is such a luxury to be able to walk straight out in the morning, enjoy the view, pick some flowers in the and have a cup of coffee on our porch – that’s luxury," Emelie says.

To perform at your best

Emelie Forsberg is world champion and European champion in her sport. She travels all around the world, competing in mountain running during the summer and randonee during winter time.

"Sleep and recovery is extra important to be able to perform at your best. As one of Wonderland's sleep ambassadors, I now know what I need to get the best sleep and relaxation."

Getting enough sleep

"I notice it very quickly in my performance when I don’t get enough sleep. Luckily, I love sleeping and prefer to go to bed early in the evening," Emelie says.

Emelie's dream bedroom: 
Wonderland Boxspring with Basebox
Emelie Forsberg
Emelie Forsberg:
"My best sleep advice is to log off from your phone before bed time. I also like to have fresh air in the bedroom and a cozy blanket over my duvet." Photo: Kilian Jornet.