Recover to perform at your best

"Good recovery is extra important when you work out. Sleep and rest give you optimal results from your training and makes your body ready for the next round."

Rannveig Aamodt is a professional climber and a sleep ambassador for Wonderland. She grew up in Romsdalen in Norway, and now lives in Colorado, USA.

"After I started to focus on climbing more seriously, I saw how important sleep was for my performance. I try to get 8 hours of sleep, and I calm down with yoga or a good book for the last hour before I go to bed."

To get enough sleep

"When I was younger, I was one of those who functioned relatively well with little sleep, and held onto the belief that it was cool not to sleep much. Now that I live off of doing my best, I see how important it is with restitution and good sleep."

"Good sleep sets the foundation for everything. If I sleep too little for a while, the quality of my training decreases. I get tired and lose focus, and I feel like my body does not recover as well from previous workouts," Rannveig says.

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Photo, top: Terje Aamodt

Rannveig Aamodt
Rannveig Aamodt:
Professional climber and sleep ambassador for Wonderland.
Foto: Nathan Welton.