Here I find my calm

"I travel a lot and my climbing gear and workout equipments are often stored in the bedroom. My dream bedroom is bright and minimalist, with a high ceiling and smart storage. Here I can find my calm and get the relaxation I need after a long journey or a hard training session."

Rannveig Aamodt is a professional climber and a sleep ambassador for Wonderland. She grew up in Romsdalen in Norway, and is now living in Colorado, USA, where she also works as an photographer.

"When I was younger, I was one of those who functioned relatively well with little sleep, and held onto the belief that it was cool not to sleep much. Now that I live off of doing my best, I see how important it is with restitution and good sleep."

The bed’s importance for sleep quality

"For many years I thought it was the climbling that made my arms uncomfortable and numb when sleeping. Now I have learnt how important it is with a good bed and pillow, to get better circulation and less pressure on your shoulders. To be a Wonderland Ambassador of Sleep, has made me more aware of what kind of bed and pillow I need. Now I can sleep through the whole night without turning over several times. This has given me a much better sleep quality."

Relax for better performance

"To get enough relaxation and sleep is extra important when you are doing lots of exercising and training. For me it is perfect to relax in an adjustable bed after a long and hectic day. With your legs raised, you get better circulation and your body recovers faster. And what a luxury it is, to be able to raise the back of the bed when you just want to relax and watch the latest episodes of your favourite series," Rannveig says.

Rannveigs dream bedroom:
Wonderland 342 Adjustable bed with Basebox
Rannveig Aamodt
Rannveig Aamodt:
"My best sleep advice is to check that your bed and pillow suits you. Calm down before you go to bed and put away your phone." Photo: Terje Aamodt.