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Five signs that you need a new bed


Too firm or too soft?

The most important thing for good sleep quality is to
have a bed that is right for you. Your bed should feel
comfortable, but still support your hips, your shoulders
and your back. Choosing a bed with the proper level of
firmness makes it possible to control how deep your
hips sink into the mattress compared to your shoulders.

Is your bed stable near the edges of the mattress?

A comfortable bed should do more for you than simply
being wide enough and long enough. Most of us sleep
on our sides, and when we share a bed with someone, it
is nice to be able to sleep comfortably across the whole
bed. The difference between a regular bed and a bed
with edge stability is enormous. As you get close to the
edge of the mattress you don’t get the sensation that
you’re about to fall out of bed.

seng uten stabile kanter
er sengen din vanskelig å rengjøre?

Is your bed hard to clean?

A good bed is both washable and reversible, which will
prolong the lifespan of your bed. Our mattresses can be
used on both sides, but you can also flip the head and
foot ends of the mattress. This unique characteristic
makes it possible to maintain the same high level of
comfort year after year. A fresh and clean bed is
inviting and promotes good sleep. As dust and mites
naturally occur in our environment, it is important to
have a bed that is machine-washable in 60 degrees.

New bedroom?

If you are moving or changing bedrooms, it could be time for getting a new bed. Maybe you will have more room and can go for a bigger bed? With our headboards, side tables and benches, any bedroom can easily be transformed into a harmonious and intimate environment. If your bedroom is small, it could be a great idea to put higher legs on your bed to create room for storage underneath. Regardless of the size of your bedroom – go for a bed that suits your taste and let the bed be the main focal point in your bedroom.